One persons trash is another persons treasure

Today i accidentally discovered that there is a book out there that is called Crafting with cat fur, it actually uses cat fur to create a wool type of material in which you can make sweaters or toys etc. out of. And to me that is absolutly disgusting! I mean good idea for utilizing your enviornement and not spending so much. But yuck! i want to barf thinking about it….ewwwww

However on another note Lelo lost his first tooth today during school and i wanted to cry when i went to pick him up and discovered it was gone. It wasnt even loose or anything! SO i had NO warning at all and now i am emotional and want to cry over and over again about it. But i was so excited for him, with him. Although he swallowed it, the teacher told him that the tooth fairy came very quickly and took it. So here i am in my first tooth fairy situation tonight! I think we’ll write her a note and explain what happened to it earlier and that we belive it was already taken but there was no prize left and im sure it will clear up everything. And a prize will surface by morning 😉