My intuition

I’m not sure how to explain this but I have these random, almost unpredictable moments where I get these flashes of day dreams that turn out to be true. Or end up happening. I don’t normally tell people cause I don’t get the best reactions but now that I’m on here I feel like I can talk about it. And no one will be able to judge me. My recent time was last week when me and my family were on a trip out of town. I can’t remember what time of day this was. But I saw, briefly my kids’s old pediatrician. Which is strange and random. I saw her waving a total black background and I swear a green bird was flying around and I thought “oh ya she’s so sweet I wonder how shes doing”. She was forced to retire because her cancer came back. Which was sad but we since moved on and changed to a new doctor. Well when we returned from our trip Lelo was really sick, so I took him in to get checked out. And our New doctor says “I have really sad news, Jeanne died a few days ago, we still haven’t had the service yet”
I was so sad for her but shocked, I just saw her. I think in her own way she said goodbye to her patients. I was really touched. Goodbye Jeanne rest in peace, you were so sweet and I’m so happy we had you be part of our lives.