It just came to me..

And since it sounds so crazy I’m not giving details of who or where. I just know its true. I know when she passed she tried for a moment to wake up from her drugged out state. She tried for just a moment, but than she heard singing. It was almost like gospel and it was so beautiful when I heard it it moved me. I got this huge lump, not just in my throat but deep in my chest. I really wanted to cry, it was amazing.
The music was more beautiful than she had ever heard or was even able to sing herself. So she went to it. It took her, it was strange it was almost calling her. So although I never knew her I knew she went in peace.
I get it now, I understand from what I’ve heard about death. That people hear music or Angels or see a light. It’s above us, no matter how famous we are. I don’t get me, how I see these things. I was loading the dishwasher a few weeks ago when this came to me and hit me like a ton of bricks. All I know is that when you pass its so beautiful. And that Heaven, God and Angels are all real and very breath taking.