I  remember learning, right before i moved from the east coast to the west coast as a little girl. That the people that are suppose to be there for you arent always. The last day of school in the 3rd grade we would go to our new next year class and see our new classroom and new teacher. I remember my 2nd and 3rd grade teacher came and pulled me out of the class and into the hall. It was strange seeing them together. It was like two worlds into one. I didnt even realize they even knew each other in my 8 year old mind LOL. But they took me out into the K-12 hall and said that they knew i was moving. And that they were sorry. And they gave me a book, which i still have. Its called Bella Arabella, they asked me if i forgave them and i was such a shy girl i said yes without thinking. But it was enough to make them feel better and let me go back to what i was doing.

The books about a little girl who didnt like her life, i think so she traded places with a cat, and learned that she really did miss her life. I really enjoyed it. But still to this day i am baffled that they allowed 2 years of my school life to be full of torment, teasing, and lonleiness. Along with yelling at me in front of the class on top of not having any freinds. And that it took them that long to proabably talk about it and maybe laugh about it for so long together. That they felt that i finally needed an apology. We moved because of all the racism and hate we experianced for being Middle Eastern,

I remember walking to school with my mom and getting gum thrown at me and my mom would be so shocked at the way people treated her with 3 small children. The principal made all sorts of excuses when she would go to him, complaining…he never helped.  I went to school to escape that, but really i was at there mercy. Hate breeds in many ways and leaving the East Coast was a great way of escaping the racism i spent the forst 8 1/2 years of my life battling.

I know this is so depressing….i dont want to read this post of talk about it again for a while. I just sometimes think about how awful people can be, even to children. And how they abuse there power. I hope that those people learned…