The keyboard

So I’m walking around my kitchen table , when I started to hear a muffled man’s voice. My first thought was my hubby left his phone at hom

e and toots got to it and is now checking his voicemail.
But at that same time he started texting me, so I ruled that thought out. Than I figured it was one of the kid toys that we packed up in a box. There are boxes behind our dining room table FYI. So with the kids help we put our ears to the boxes to see which box it might be in.
All the while I’m thinking they don’t have a radio but okay. It sounded like the buttons were being pushed like maybe it was stuck between something or fallen funny in the box. But those boxes are untouched….
Lelo soon discovered while we were opening boxes that it was coming from the keyboard!!! That thing had dead batteries in it for like a year!!! And none of the buttons worked when I pressed them. Yet it clearly sounded like a man with static white nose talking and the buttons kept sounding like the channel was changing like on a radio!!!!
I know I sound crazy but I am not nuts or mentally ill in anyway. The kids heard it too. Is it possible for a radio wave to get picked up thru an old dead keyboard?
I’m creeped out