A past memory

I think I need to add more to this folder. So I will, I remember when I was out to dinner with a bunch of freinds. Years ago! And this lady and her daughter were sitting nearby. I didn’t know who they were at all. And while I was eating and chatting, I turned to this lady. And started uncontrollably talking!! I told her I saw her house it was airy, with open windows. I saw cats and bright colors. Not much furniture. I saw birds, a parrot…a green one. I didn’t tell her I saw yellow everywhere. Yellow walls. It made everything so fresh. I was so embaressed that I was blabbing to this stranger, freaking my freinds out, and this ladies jaw was wide open…as she agreed with me. She had just moved here, that’s why she didn’t have much furniture her husband was selling there home in another state. Her daughter was happy to talk about there pets with me, she was young. And right as I was apologizing for my outburst. Her little girl said, ” Mommy tell her about the New yellow paint” that just about freaked me out!
I don’t tell people about this because
A) people think your crazy!!
B) people don’t believe you and make you feel crazy
C) I doubt myself alot and hardly believe enough in myself to say it out loud…its hard to get the words out. I don’t even tell many freinds about my blog because I’m scared of them finding out and judging me. But this way I can get it out and feel safe doing it