Back when I was pregnant..

With my first child…oh gosh a little over 6 year’s ago. I had a party and some freinds were over. A few days prior I had invited an very new freind to come too. We meet through husbands but never hung out. The night before the party I had a dream, that I was in her house. The backyard had a wooden fence. I saw her in her dining room with a freind that had long black hair. She was freaking out because she has just found out she was pregnant. It was really crazy. So the next day she came late to the party. And if you know her, she’s a beautiful Romanian woman. She also says everything out loud! So it never mattered to her if she didn’t know as anyone or not. Which is so great of her! So she said she was late because she took a pregnancy test since they were trying to get pregnant! The next day I told her about my dream. It was so hard to.ignore. it was compelling me, and I felt relief after I told her. She was so amazed I discribed her home to a T. She didn’t know who the freind was though. It was weird to see her home months later. Cause it was like I knew how it looked already. She wasn’t pregnant at my party but about 1 year later she was, and that freind turned out to be me.
I lost touch with her but a few months back ran into her. And I had been thinking so much about her so I was thinking Mmmmmmmmmm maybe she pregnant. So when I pulled out of the parking lot at the store and she pulled out at the same time and we saw each other. We held up traffic talking with our Windows down. I asked her if she was pregnant!! And she said oh my gosh I hope were trying again. I’m going to get a test right now!!! Too bad I lost her number again!! I wonder if she was.