My dreams…

I don’t know how they work or when i’ll get a message. Or who! Actually sends me these dreams but I do know I will always be surprised. I get them in 3 ways;
1- I dream in two ways. It’s the way the dream feels when I dream it makes me know if its true or not. It’s a 50/50 chance either its a goofy one. Or I wake up just knowing its true.
2- I also have daydreams, but not my normal ADD daydreams, but they only way I’ve ever been able to describe them were “flashes”. They are faster than daydreams but I get lots of info so fast if I don’t pay attention I will forget…..gosh I bet you think I’m nuts…..
And sometimes I go months and months without any dreams at all. I don’t understand it .
3-Sometimes I see the dead, not often and there feet never touch the ground. They just hover, and when they speak they don’t ever have to move there lips or look at me, for me to hear them. I just do. They look normal and so far not scary!
Which is good because I’m sure I couldnt handle it.