The Lady with Red Hair…

Shortly before i started to date my future husband. I started to have ” flash” daydreams of this lady with long red hair. I didn’t see her face just long, long red hair with a little wave to it. I saw her lips and her sitting and smiling a lot. She was really happy. I kept seeing her but i didn’t get why or what the heck this was about. So i did what i always do, i ignored it. Until one day my husband came over and gave me this little book with cute sayings in it. He told me to take care of it because it belonged to his good friends sister that had died. Once I touched it, it was like I knew, I just knew! I knew the lady I had been seeing was the owner of this book.

But how do you ask someone you just kinda started to date….without scaring them off for a confirmation!!!??? So I said umm, was her hair color red? and he said Yes, and I said was it wavy too? and he said yes. This obviously was our first conversation to my psychic dreams. I keep it short but sweet, and he was a total belive from the start! Which has always been great. So I told him that I had started to see this girl I had no idea who she was but slowly I saw her more and more in these flashes I would have during the day. It was the same scene untill. His friend had a baby! I knew that the baby was due but not sure when at all. I just knew when that child was born. I had this overwhelming feeling that the child was born with another presence. There was another soul attached to it. So on after I found out that the child was indeed born and the mother and child were still in the hospital. I asked if there was 2 babies born not just one! But no it was one. After the baby was born I kept seeing the red-haired girl and the picture grew bigger I kept seeing her sitting and smiling so big, but now I could see around her and I could see she was sitting in their living room, on the couch. Baby was asleep in the car seat and people were coming and going and congratulating them on there new bundle of joy. She was joking and beaming, and I was almost as if she didn’t realize that she couldn’t see her or hear her. She was just rejoicing in the occasion. She was obviously very protective of that baby.

Than when i moved into my husband’s house, I was able to look and see…..and what I mean by that is that although I avoiding just looking plainly into the living room. When I finally did I was able to see what she was trying to show me. I saw her sitting there with the baby. Because before I lived there his friend would come and visit and bring baby and when they would go outside to smoke they left baby inside. Or if they were fixing up the cars they left baby sleeping soundly, within ear shot inside. But she showed me she was there. Beaming with joy and with child. This was really persistent and I kept it a secret for as long as I could until she was so persistent that I couldn’t hold it in anymore. She had a message and she pushed and pushed until I gave it.

FInally i told my hubby of the few things i kept seeing. It accidentally turned into a psychic reading actually. Once i started talking tons of stuff flooded through. I told him how she would creep into the baby’s room at sun break and smile at him and that was why he woke up smiling everyday. And that I could see her husbands strong hands holding a picture over and over and staring at it while in his recliner. And i could see her worried about him. And that she wanted her brother to know that she was happy, and that she was alright.

He told her brother reluctantly, because he does not belive in this type of thing. And he was happy to hear that she was happy. because all in all he could walk away with that. She never visited me again after that. I still have never seen a picture of her yet, but im sure if I ever do I’ll know who it is.