Special diets for special kids


I just got this book and I can’t put it down! Although my children are not special needs, they do have multiple allergies which has led me on a quest to learn how to feed them. And boy has it been hard!!!
Everything is made in a peanut, nut plant…and one of my kids is highly allergic to nuts, peanuts, all tree nuts minus coconut…thank God! Also dairy, and he’s gluten sensitive.
My other child is allergic to dairy, can’t digest soy unless its soy milk and the soy milk must be cooked in a baked good..and taking her off gluten has calmed her down too.
So what’s left….good question I’m learning cause my pasta and bread loving son misses his food.

This book even has a recipe to make you own rice milk!! Which will save us $100’s.!!!
I love the education on why go gluten free and the benefits!
Great book if you have allergies