Im not sure but a part of me thinks that my oldest child may have some clairvoyant abilities. A few days ago long after the children went to bed. I decided to knit. I haven’t knitted in a long time and thought that it would be fun to get into it again. Now keep in mind the kids bedroom door is closed when they go to bed. And i was sitting on the couch knitting away, watching tv…for about 20 minutes. When I hear Lelo screaming in his room…………….SO i get up and run in there, cause i want to see what is going on and ALSO i want to keep Toot’s asleep cause she is so hard to put to sleep again. And im sitting there on his bed calming him down. And i ask him, ” Whats going on baby?” and he’s sobbing and trying to whisper that he had a bad dream, and im trying to wake him up cause he’s still kind of asleep. And tell him its okay. So he tells me that he dreamed that he tried to play with my yarn and i wouldnt let him. And he was so upset about it.

I was really shocked….how did he know???!!! So i said really habibi? you did? you dreamed that? thats just a dream, but i really am knitting right now and i will save you some yarn to play with tomorow okay.

And he said ok and feel back asleep.

And i was really struck that this was a strange thing, and very random and i didnt know what to make out it. He didnt remember any of it in the morning.