The house

So we are on this never ending quest to buy a house….its hard. The banks suck! And there are tons of people competing on the same home….ugggg so we have been fortunate to have placed 3 bids and still no home!!! This one house we tried and tried and tried to get…oh gosh we held on to that for 4 months while the banks were figuring out and refiguring out if we could or couldn’t get the loan we were preapproved for. I kept feeling like there was a man still there. I knew a couple had been there and now it was an estate. But nothing more. I kept seeing this old man in the shed. I knew he was there while I was inside the house all the times we went there. I knew he was dressed and ready to go fishing. And he was working on his fishing pole. He was harmless. When I finally got enough guts to tell my hubby. He decided to go into the shed the next time he was there and when he did he looked around and found a few small fishing things. I know he’s still there in the shed ready to go fishing. I now know that his wife died long before he did and he died maybe ten years after. I know that some dead don’t know they have passed, and they live in the world of the deceased right here amoung us.
It freaked me out when he found that stuff in the shed. That house is still available so I hope soon we can get it….we really liked it. Old man and all.