And it was over….

I will keep names confidention, since i did not ask them if i could use them in my story. A few years back a close freind of mine recieved news that her freind and a fellow classmate of hers had committed suicide. I too got the call. I didnt know him, “U” very well but i was still very upset for her. She was so greif stricken she could not talk about it or the events of the death at all to me.

I was so curious and upset too that , that evening i must of thought about “U” a million times. Finially when i went to sleep i had a dream. I dreamt that I saw him sitting on his bed. He had made his room, the bed was made so nicely, He was sitting over on the edge of the bed. He leaned over and turned off the lamp. And it was dark. I heard a gunshot and i knew he had shot himself.

So i asked him over and over and over again, maybe 20 times over. Why did you do this. And i heard him say a few words i barely made them out but remembered that was the only interaction i had had in school with him. He repeated the same few words. I heard his voice, i knew he was gay.

I knew he had shot himself in the head because he was gay.

I woke up the next day and immediatly tried to tell my freind of this dream, and how i knew even than that it was true. She would not talk to me about it. She still wont talk about it and its been sooo many years. I later found out that his father was a military man and mother devoted catholic woman, and neither would have accept his lifestyle. He knew that and i knew that.

It was sad to know the truth, im glad i was able to somehow communicate with him even though i didnt know him.

It was just sad, we should love each other no matter what. Especially our children

I apologize if this brings up bad memories