A new way to look at age! From my 2 yr old

The other day me and Toots were sitting there chatting. When we stumbled into the topic of age. So I asked her if she knew how old she was…she didn’t. She thought she was 3 so I taught her she was actually 2. Same with Lelo she thought he was 3 but actually he is 5 Lololol. And we went thru all our play friends and figured out there ages. Turns out the biggest kid in our world is 6! Lol
So than Toots turns to me and says ” you mama, big girl 3″
And I said ” me 3 lolol, no baby I’m not 3 I’m really big. I’m 31″
And she miss heard that gigantic number as FUN
So she said ” mama FUN!!!!”
And we were both screeching and laughing and I said okay I’ll take that!
Mama FUN
Which is easier to say than my age any day.