Gluten-free the easy way!!

So we all know how expensive gluten-free bread is! It’s $4-$5 a loaf! And my son loves his bread so what did I do, ( I owe his teachers for there suggestions!), I’m cooking and baking a ton trying to perfect a bread recipe ONLY to add another allergien as a substitute by accident and mess everything up. Or it turns out all wrong….
It’s so frustating ….
However Lelo loves pancakes, I figured that out , that was easy . Bisquick makes a pre made. Gluten free pancake mix so I add one cup rice milk, one cup bisquick pancake gluten free powder, 2 tbsp olive oil and half a cup of applesauce. Mix, make —–viola!!!
So NOW I make the pancakes into bread! It’s easy, fast!! Cheaper and they will love it!! I just changed the recipe just a bit so they notice a diffrence and don’t burn out on pancakes.


This Time I added a few spoonfuls of flaxseed ground, 1 cup bisquick gluten free pancake mix, 1 cup rice milk, 1 egg, 2 tbsp olive oil

Adding the egg fluffs it up enough to make it look like a bun


Theres a turkey burger! It was a hit, and you can save the rest that you make for the next few days!!