House buying…the frustrating way

So a year later and still house hunting. We are getting pretty heart broken….and so discouraged. Either were out bid, too small, were over budget or wrong location or the bank decided to not give us the loan we were preapproved for 2 days before we closed. Overall its getting really hard to house hunt. I thought we would have a beautiful time buying our first home.
Not so much….
Today we saw a house. Perfect! It was huge, in our price range, lots of land…tons of rustic looking built in stuff. I loved it. It needed a lot of work but it was livable.
Problem is…..and it seems like theres always a problem. It’s a short sale and it won’t make appraisel….
So here we are heartbroken. The kids loved it too. So Lelo asked me is the house sick? Is that why we can’t get it? And well, I guess it is…too sick for a bank loan…