My global warming/ tsunami dream warning

I dreamt last night, that my family, my cousins family, and my mother where at what looked like the coast. But it seemed like it was at the arctic, and polar bears should be there. I felt high up, maybe I was in the North Pole.Plus a bunch of people were there we didn’t know. Just hanging out.
While we were chatting I noticed a huge wall of water building up and coming out. So I said. ” ummmm is that suppose to happen?!” And that’s when the wave hit. That’s what a tsunami must look like. Or a bunch of melted water falling down… There was a massive hole.It caused everyone to run and scatter and escape!!!
It was a cool blue day
My mom was running like a quarterback!!! Zigzagging away! I thought she’s got this this is her land. Which makes me think its not going to happen in Oregon but in the Middle East.
And than everyone was in a cold, than I was in a deep building or a ship looking for loved ones. I stayed behind and found my mom she was telling the policeman working the initial check in area all my personal business! Thanks mom lol
I’m really disturbed by this it feels real. It was very vivid. Very detailed. I feel like something is going to happen in the arctic, that will really set things off for the world. I seriously believe this. In about a year. From what I saw….I don’t believe in the 2012 hype at all! Thats Crap to me…so that is not what I am saying. I feel like I have to tell everyone.