The snow globe

Today while me and the kids were relaxing on Lelo’s bed and chatting and whinning Lololol. We hear this most unusual, but clear BING! like a bell. I thought okay that sounds kind of old, not like any toy we have here. The kids were so quite trying to figure out this noise. It came from above our heads were either we heard the neighbors doorbell…impossible too far. Or…something up there was doing it. So I hopped up on the bed and looked at the shelf. It’s full of trinkets and in the back theres a snow globe. All dusty, that no longer plays because its missing pieces. It was give to Lelo at Christmas, years ago by my now, late mother-in-law. She didn’t want to go. She had 2 strokes and she’s almost been gone for 2 years now. It’s sad. Toots never had a chance to know her. Just in the hospital pretty much when she was born. This is the second time we have had broken things start working randomly. I can’t believe its all coincidence!!??? I think its her showing us she’s with us, still with the kids as much as she can. The kids are going to draw pictures for her to put on there windows. Because they miss her and its there way of communicating with her from above. Toots always asks to see her since I try to bring her up for her to know. So now when she is in the clouds she can see the pictures they drew her. And that alone makes them feel better!