Make your own bird cakes!


These are so cute! And perfect for you, or for a gift. They are so easy to make and your bird friends will thank you!!

You need;
4-5 cups of bird seed
1 packet of gelatin
Small Tupperware’s and tin molds, about 5-7
Yarn for hanging
1 cup of boiling Water

In a bowl mix, bird seed, gelatin and water together. Be warned this stinks!!!!!! Barfy

Than fill your Tupperware’s or tin molds half way, take your yarn and make a knotted end, place the end inside, leaving the loop outside to hang. And fill the rest of the molds up with bird seeds.

I put mine in a bag and put them in the freezer. It’s so much easier to remove. Leave them over night, and quickly wash the outer part of the tin with hot water and pull the string to lift your cake up and out of the mold!

If its for a gift get a clear baggy, place it inside, tie it off and add ribbons. I always add a note too!!