Conversations of the tired

This was a conversation between my husband and I that took place right before we fell asleep.

Hubby; Did you hear that?

Me; No what was it

Hubby: i hear it, shhh

Me; okay i did i think hold on….i don’t know im sure its nothing

Hubby; I hear it it was Lelo….

Me; No…. i swear if it was i would of heard footsteps. Stop your going to freak me out

Hubby:  (after silence) did you hear that again?!

Me; Okay hold on….i think my eyelashes are dry cause i hear them everytime i blink and i can’t hear anything else. Do you know what i mean?

Hubby; No, i don’t blink when my eyes are closed

Me; what…No way, you have too its natural, its the way things are?!

Hubby; i swear i never have

Me; Your probably doing it right now and don’t even realize it

Hubby; not everyone blinks when there eyes are closed

Me; of course not, when your asleep it stops. That’s how you know someone is a bad actor, if they are doing a sleeping scene and there blinking. Or if your dead.

Hubby; ummm I’m pretty sure I would know if I’m blinking right now.

Me; its plain unnatural! Everyone has to do it. I’m actually doing it more the more we talk about it!! We need to go to bed.