Happy birthday to you!


Last week was my little Lelo’s birthday!! Which also happened to be the last day of school. What a busy, busy day!! At school he received a beautiful handmade book from all his classmates and his teachers and daddy and me!! That’s him crossing the rainbow bridge into 6!! It’s a Waldorf term if you aren’t familiar, I’d encourage you to look it up its very lovely.



That’s the gift he also received, handmade with love from the teachers. It’s a small version of him! A mighty king!! Made of wool

We also enjoyed a end of school picnic, in which we had to say goodbye to one of our dear teachers that is retiring. It was so hard, luckily we still have our other wonderful teacher! And a new one coming in the fall.
In the 2 years we have been with the teachers we have gotten to know and love and appreciate them so much. I will cherish the lovely gifts they have made the children during the holidays and ALL the advice and knowledge they have given us. So much of it is tailored to our own child. That is a big reason as to why I love Waldorf, you have your teacher for so long. They help raise and teach your child thru the years too. Stability at school is important too, and what better way than having a teacher every year that has seen your child grow up and knows them well…….
Than I decided, to have a birthday party for Lelo. Not realizing how hectic of a day it would already be!!

Off we go!

To our pirate and princess party!!! And although everyone else was pooped they joined us too! We had a huge turn out!! The biggest ever! We missed the family that wasn’t there…so I barely had time or battery power to take pictures. But Lelo was so happy! And that made me happy. I sure wish I got a picture with him on his big day. He received some lovely gifts too! I didn’t think at all he would get as many as he did. So thank you all! He can now be a spy, pirate, little boy and authentic cowboy at anytime!
The rainbow jello cake I made was a total flop! It took all day to make it and I messed it all up by dying the last layer purple. DO NOT DYE JELLO IT WON’T FULLY MOLD!!!
Thank goodness for jello mush!
Off to the next adventure!!