Truth, Love, and Freedom

I was checking and deleting emails and i came across this one i saved from Lelo’s teacher’s last year. It was so beautiful i saved it for so long i thought i would share a peice of it with you too!

This is for our children;

When you speak think about the three main aspects of speech:
Thinking- Is what I say true?- Truth
Feeling- Does it express what lives in my heart?-Love
Willing- Can I be trusted to stand for what I say?- Freedom
Examine how you speak to your child in general and focus on the positive. Listen to your tone and keep your own energy and feelings in check.Use imaginative pictures to help your child-If your child is dragging his feet when its time to go , for instance , try saying hey let’s hop like a momma and baby bunny to the car.” Or please be as quiet as a giraffe while I’m on the phone”.If your child’s language is unkind ask if she can let the words “fly as gently as a dove” from her mouth. Do more nursery rhymes and tongue twisters with a child who uses  inappropriate words repetitively. In the kindergarten we work with the lower senses of the child which creates a healthy foundation. 
The sense of touch is the precondition for the development of the sense of I or Ego of the other person (empathy) The sense of life develops the sense organs in the child where by he can later perceive the thoughts of others. Movement is essential for the development of speech and sense of word. Balance and inner calm are preconditions for hearing.