Happy anniversary to us!

Today was our 3 year wedding anniversary! And just how did we spend this most magical day you ask?
We went shooting, I should check and see if my red has turned neck…OMG LOLOLOL I mean if I’ve turned into a redneck yet. Which for the record should never happen to me cause I’m a proud life long card holder of a brown person!! Middle eastern actually!


So my husband took me out to B.F.E  and up a dirt hill and voala! We were kings and queens in our own shooting castle cafe’. This was my first time going ever….. and I got the hang of it eventually.


I look professional huh, but I screamed everytime I shoot that darned thing. So what the Crap am I doing! I ask you !! Just trying something different you see. And now that I did I’m thinking I’m okay to not do it again unless I have to protect my family or myself!! Which I’m hoping is never! Lololol its a wee bit of an aggressive sport for me.
Plus the land felt heavy. It made me feel heavy. It felt top heavy so it made me think a landslide was possible. It was so hard to stand there. Too weird