August 2012

I dreamt the other day, well like I often do (However I just journal them and occasionally blog them!) About this summer. My youngest sister was just here. We had some kind of family surprise come to America and go to my aunt’s house. My mother felt it very urgent to go there right away. There was an aunt, and three older girls, she also had a son somewhere. I was telling my kids they were there cousins but they were seemingly upset and away from me at the time. I think they were sitting outside and I was inside. There was some kind of separation that was keeping them from seeing me, however I could see them.
The air was so muggy, the traffic was awful and S needed to go to mclaughlin for some reason. Than all of a sudden I was at my parent picnic. And there were all these new faces. Than I was on a bike indoors….
The strange thing is S will be here right during the time when we have a parent picnic those are true. The rest we will find out.