Ramadan update!!!


We have just completed day 18 in our Ramadan month. So I thought we would pop in and update everyone on how its been for us! So far so good, Lelo really wants to fast however his concept of time is off. So after dinner he usually asks to fast lololol which of course doesn’t really count…and he’s too young Lololol. But he’s so proud to be Muslim which is great! We did run into a situation where at the park he felt that he had to lie and say he was Christian to a new freind. Which I still can’t figure out how or why these little guys brought up religion? Non the less I told him its okay if he doesn’t feel comfortable telling people what religion he is but to please not lie. Just say you don’t know and run away. I don’t want anything to happen to him because of racism. I am born and raised in America and I’ve experienced so much hate and anger for me being an Arab and Muslim. So much actually happened to me as a child more than in my adulthood and I never want him to feel helpless or ganged up on. Please take the time to talk to your kids about individual tolerances. It’s really scary what kids can do to each other these days. But really its a beautiful month and lovely summer Xoxo Me!