Cacao! Geese Cacao!

Here is a classic story of survival, horror, peace, serenity, nature and me against the elements! Yes indeed, today was quite a variety of mixed emotions and all in a matter of minutes!

It all started when i was at work and my co-worker and I decided to sit peacefully together in the sun and absorb its rays in lovely serenityon our break. We choose this lovely green bench. Such as this one i have added to my blog. I want to take you to this moment….

So were sitting there veiwing the lovely pond that over looks that green bence (shown above) when a flock of geese and female ducks came pumpling towards us! There must of been 20 or 50 it either grew or got smaller. The geese were hissing and fighting! It was awful! My freind didnt seem fazed at all by this horrible display of greed. She just kicked her feet and that was it.

I, on the other hand choose to have a talk to them, as i was clutching my purse! I said YOU arent supposed to be so dependent on humans! go be duckies elsewhere!

That kind of worked but than a female duck came over, and i said Mama duck i havent got any food for you. Now just leave!

Slowly but surely they all gathered so closely all around the bench. in front and behind that i was in fear that a goose was going to attack my buns out of revenge! I definetly grabbed my purse and lunch bag, and looked this way, and that several times. And finally…just finally i gave up. I had to flee. My freind sat there peacefully and understood why.

I found another place far away and in the shade. And i was so happy i didnt get bit of attacked. When NOT EVEN 5 minutes later the goose gang decided to form a line and waddle right down to me! I was so shocked and appauled! What the heck!

And this is what i saw……


and they got closer……………..


until they made there way onto the grass. Where they shyly made eye contact with me the whole entire time! And slowly munched on grass, and moved inch, by inch, closer and closer…….


they arent far from my feet!

So finally im off of work, i clock out, get into my car. The days done. Im driving off and look whos still following me! I had to stop becasue they were literally walking straight up on the street where my car would drive! finally they did a slight turn and crossed!


And so to this is say Cacao! And if you watch Portlandia you would understand. If you dont i have included a small episode of why i choose this word

I apologize for the commercials! Dont watch this with your little ones!