Floods and fire alarms

We are truly enjoying our new home!! It’s all we ever wanted and need!!!

However, we must get to know our humble abod. And let’s just say the last two days have been quite the learning experience!

First came the overflowing toilet in bathroom #2 (in the master bedroom). The kids said the toilet was BARFING!! Well I guess it was …with an inch of water!! I was freaking out!! But rest assured with about 8 towels, PineSol spray, and my swiffer sweeper. I cleaned that train reck up……:(~

*Lesson learned: don’t throw anything down that ticking time bomb!

And today, I didn’t realize that while cooking the house filled up with turkey bacon smoke. So the fire alarm got set off! So I flew around the house beating the fire alarm with a sweatshirt. Only to realize that I was smacking the wrong one. Keep in mind both kids…with runny noses were behind me watching my every move!! Lololol So by the time I figured out the correct one, the smacking did not work, so I had to sacrifice my hearing to climb up on a chair and press the button on it to shut it off.

* Lesson learned: turn on the stove fan!