Mushroom’s (a story)

Lately Lelo has been eating us out of house and home! It has been really hard to feed him CONSTANTLY without getting either a little frustrated, run out of food, or face savage-beast Lelo. Which is his very hungry, and unruly evil twin.

Currently we are in the heart of what I hope to be a growth spurt. He’s 6 years old and he’s over 4’3″!!I’m not sure how much more growing my little man will do this year, but we will see I guess ! I’m very serious. And yes he’s the tallest kid in his class and probably in the next 3 classes after that one Lololol.

So luckily Lelo really likes mushrooms. And at this point I’m making dinner and chopping mushrooms to add to our meal. So I called him over and told him if he wanted he could eat some. Of course, he did. About half way through his pigging out frenzy. He said MOM! I’m throwing this one away! There’s something on it. So I said okay…
And he came to me very seriously and asked me.
“Mom, how many animals were killed for us to get these mushrooms?”
” how many animals did someone kill to get these mushrooms? Because there’s blood on them?

And I was like, ” no animals were killed for these mushrooms, mushrooms aren’t killed there picked. Look at your teeth maybe you have a loose tooth”

And it turned out his adult tooth was pushing through. Funniest moment ever!