The situation at the bank (a true story)

So today I was at the bank. As I was patiently waiting for our teller to finish up with my transaction I noticed she was pregnant. I remember.thinking, I think she’s having a…….boy. I also was keeping Toots quiet, grabbing my purse and, yes, I also had a chance to zone out. When all of a sudden I heard a tiny voice in my head say, ” I’m. Boy!, I’m a boy, I’m a boy!” Very excitedly. So I shot my head up sharply and stared at the womans stomach. I’m thinking OMG…UHHHHHHH. Than I hear and feel excitement and I felt goodness. So at this point I want validation. But HOW DO I GET IT!! I know these people so I don’t want to sound crazy…yes I’m seriously doubting myself at this point. But I want to tell the girl what I heard…than I figured out a way. I asked politely what she was having. And she said, ” A boy”.
I really wish I didn’t doubt myself, and that I told her what I heard. But it was too late…I felt. I heard what I heard though! I felt the baby was very excited to come, and that he was very chatty, giggly, and full of good. He’s going to be a good boy. Full of sweet. I really wish I had a way of telling her that because I have never experienced that before. I still can hear his voice.
I called my husband immediately after.I.left to tell him. That was truly amazing.