My birthday…

Today was my birthday. I didn’t want much. I wanted to tan today. And put a shelf up. And see Breaking Dawn part 2. We had a babysitter lined up and everything. Lelo woke up singing happy birthday and gifted me one of his prize felted necklaces.

A week and a half ago I accidentally seemed to have channelled spirit. As I was writing a To Do list for my husband. I wrote down something I wasn’t meaning too. It totally caught me off guard. I wrote down ” Draw me something”. Which was really strange. And not at all from me. But written by my hand. So I threw the list away and started over. But it stayed on my mind. Today I received my gift from him.


He did draw me something!!!
Although it isn’t finished he did indeed draw me something. I was so amazed. He was kind of ticked off at spirit for telling me Lololol. I made sure to write it down in my journal and date it as proof of my abilities.
Well my shelf got put up. We talked about going to the bookstore attached to the mall.
However moments before we went to the mall to see my movie. That I have been obsessing over. We heard that a masked, armed gun man opened shooting indoors in the food court. Right where we would be. Suddenly staying home wasn’t as bad anymore.


I can’t believe this happened. I can’t believe we were moments away from being there. I appreciate all my freinds and family for mass texting to check on each other. And my phone calls too.
I was just there like 3 days ago with the kids taking pictures with Santa.

I think although today was NOT AT ALL the way I wanted it to be. The best gift I got was to keep my life. I always ask God to please never take me away from my kids and please never take them away from me. I think that is the best thing ever. This comes 4 days after Lelo’s school was evacuated because of a bomb threat. I’m fortunate enough to work across the street so the school evacuated and got refuge at my work. It was a full house but at least he was near me. What is going on with this world. It has to stop. I think we dodged 2 ” bullets” so to speak. Luckily were all okay