I meet President Obama, The First Lady and Bo!



I did and if you dont belive me watch the link!!!!!!!!!! i’m on minute 11

Lelo and I had the amazing oppurtunity to have access to an exclusive White house tour this day. Right when the tour ended we were informed of a special event and if we wanted to see it to come back thru right away…the rest is history!
At first me and Lelo are so surprised!!!! So i pep talk Lelo not to be shy and talk to them when they speak and than Bo comes up to Lelo because he probably wants to play. So we petted him. And he is SOOOOO soft, just like a plush toy! And the President says, leaning down and in his strong confident voice. ” Now i know he likes you, becuase he doesnt do that to anyone” and we laughed. And he asked him his name, but Lelo spoke too quitely, than he asked him his age and he said 6. And they shook hands and he said something like Thank you for coming or i hope your enjoying yourself. And than Lelo shook Michelle’s hand. And than it was MY TURN, and i was sooooo speechless and flabergasted that my brain split into two and the part that was numb took over and the other part kept screaming out, SAY YOUR HONORED! but i just keep repeating ” I’m soo…..Soooooo….I’m sooooo happy to meet you” of course that day i choose NOT to do my hair because we had stayed out so late for the Ball the night before and of course the ONE DAY in my life i dont do my hair I MEET THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES….ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


So anyways, he just sweetly and kindly held my hand with both is hands and said so kindly ” I hope you enjoy your time here”….. but the time it was my turn to shake Michelle Obama’s hand i was finaly starting to be able to talk again….except when i looked at her she was so lovely and her makeup was so beautiful i couldnt quite figure out what was going on again…and her clothes were defintely the nicest linen in the land. My JC Penny clothes could feel that her clothes were WAY better thread.

SO i held up the line, and told her that Lelo remembers when they took office and that i cried and that now he can be president too and that they paved the way..and while i was babbling Bo went back over to Lelo LOLOL too cute, and Obama said “Bo, now you go sit between Mom and I” and he listened just like that..than after my babble session.. i realized i needed to move and ran off. The employee’s told us to exit quitely so we did untill we got to the door, where the White House bakers where standing, with these cute, prewrapped White house shaped sugar cookies. Compliments of Michelle Obama. Than we ran outside where all of us grow ups and strangers to one another burst into tears of laughter and fist pumping to the freezing air. And we all bonded because we all felt like we had just had an out of body experiance. Which than we all wanted to help one another take pictures outside and we all skipped off merrily to our destinations happily.

The End

P.S. If the Obama’s are ever reading this i just want to thank you for making my life and that they are so beautiful in real life and i am still in awwwww