Roughing it; little house on the prairie style

Our hot water heater went out!! Out of the blue and on a holiday weekend!!
So we can make it thru cold hand washings and brushing our teeth. But not when it comes to bath time. You can only skip so many….without consequences so why even go there to begin with. It’s boil water the old fashion-way.


The only good thing I can say about that is that you use much less water than you ever would in a shower. However it sucks because I have 2 little ones that are currently fond of chasing each other and the stove and the bathroom are quite a walk. With a bucket of scolding hot water It’s quite the obstacle course. But alas they got clean and it’s no surprise to me why baths were so rare back than. Not nearly as much as we take nowadays at least. I could
handle it i think if I were raised that way or removed myself completely from certain modern luxury. For now I’m hoping the hot water heater Dr fixing the thing right now doesn’t say it’s dead! I hope its fixable!!
P.s. yes I suck at camping