Cooking oils

Here are the oils we have in our home regularly. I bake, fry…if I must and eat with these daily. I’m no culinary chef but I have learned a thing or two in my time in the kitchen that I thought may be helpful to all of you. Especially if your just starting out on a new allergy free, gluten free life. It’s hard and you almost have to learn how to cook all over again.


1) extra virgin olive oil; as a middle eastern child thats all we used and it helped my hair and skin radiate from the inside out. We never used butter it tastes great too.

2) coconut oil; it smells and tastes amazing. It’s wonderful for your body, brain and health.

3) grape seed oil; this is a tasteless, seedless oil despite it’s name. It burns at a higher temperature as opposed to olive oil and is amazing for your health. Grape seed is historically been taken to strengthen bleeding gums, bruising, strengthening skin, collagen and elastin rebuilding, hair, skin and nail issues and several more things I encourage you to Google it you will be amazed.