Living life with someone with Chronic Pain

I wanted to begin sharing our story with everyone. Hopefully to bring awareness, hope and fight for the ones we love. From the day i meet Jim he has had a bad back. He blew it up at work before we knew each other. SO basically it has always been part of our relationship. Its hard to imagine one without the other. And all the things that come along with it. He has been diagnosed with Severe Degenerative arthritis of the spine along with degenerative discs, disc protrusion’s. SO many doctors told us that this was not curable, or gave us a ridiculous report that they could preform surgery but couldn’t see what they were going to operate on. So he held out and so did I. It hasn’t been easy. With two small children. But hope has a funny way of making you stay strong. And my wish to anyone reading this is that there is an answer out there, you just have to find it.

However after over 10 years Jim’s debilitating back pain, sacrifices, pain, mental pain, emotional sacrifices, MY sacrifices, countless people just giving up. Countless doctors we’ve seen (over 180, not just a second opinion) and traveled 100’s of miles to see and been given bad news-conflicting news-no news, disability, I have never given up hope! I have always remained faithful that the right doctor was out there and could help us and I have always keep looking for the right one, not listening to “the best of the best”. Well i am happy to announce that finally we have found an amazing doctor right here in Tualatin that can operate! And yesterday at Jim’s diagnostic appointment to with a fellow doctor we discovered that Jim is a perfect candidate for stem cell. I never knew this was possible. This man can do all the same things that Tiger Wood’s doctor can do. for a fraction of the price! Stem cells are the answer and in the near future Jim will hopefully reap the benefits of them! Never give up, especially if you know in your heart that its possible. Even if your the only one.

I’ll keep you all posted on how the stem cell’s do in his body

Thank you all!