Today was another HOT day, so we stayed indoors. That only lasts for only so long before Lelo and Toots start to argue. 
Toots really needs alot of constant activity.  Which makes 100 degree days so hard. So today I thought we would work on our sensory play. A crucial part of toddler /children development.
One really EASY and not so messy sensory game is Oblick. It’s hard one minute and liquidity the next. Making the fun challenge of playing with this mud like substance so much fun. It also gets kids into science, which helped Lelo get into it since he’s older now.
Here’s the recipe :
1 cup potato,  corn or tapioca starch
1/2 cup of water
Food coloring

Mix well as you pour the water in. It’s really fun. Add more water if it’s solid and more starch if it won’t turn into a solid.
I would lay down a cloth for maximum freedom!  This was fun!