Coconut chocolate crunch truffles -vegan

Sweets for your sweet!  Valentine’s day is usually full of sugar,  this simple truffle is not at all bad for you!

I found this recipe from the author of the Welcoming Kitchen and altered it a bit

1 can of fat coconut cream- refrigerate over night so the cream can rise and separate. However my cream was all cream and didn’t separate at all

1 cup vegan cocoa powder
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup hemp seeds

Add half of the cocoa powder to the cream mix it together by hand or with a blender than place back in fridge for 30 minutes

Add the  rest of the cocoa powder,  powdered sugar in a separate bowl and mix

Place hemp seeds in a separate bowl

Prepare a tray with  parchment
paper and set aside

Remove cream from fridge and scoop 1 Tbsp rolling it into a ball, than rolling in cocoa and sugar mix, than rolling in hemp seeds. Place on tray sheet when done. Work fast as the coconut cream will melt in your hands.

When finished place in fridge until ready to serve!