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My birthday…

Today was my birthday. I didn’t want much. I wanted to tan today. And put a shelf up. And see Breaking Dawn part 2. We had a babysitter lined up and everything. Lelo… Continue reading

The situation at the bank (a true story)

So today I was at the bank. As I was patiently waiting for our teller to finish up with my transaction I noticed she was pregnant. I remember.thinking, I think she’s having a…….boy.… Continue reading

August 2012

I dreamt the other day, well like I often do (However I just journal them and occasionally blog them!) About this summer. My youngest sister was just here. We had some kind of… Continue reading

The symbol :/.

The other day I dreamed I was window shopping with the stroller in tow. I was weaving in and out of shops. One shop I stopped in was a jewelry shop. I was… Continue reading

My global warming/ tsunami dream warning

I dreamt last night, that my family, my cousins family, and my mother where at what looked like the coast. But it seemed like it was at the arctic, and polar bears should… Continue reading

The snow globe

Today while me and the kids were relaxing on Lelo’s bed and chatting and whinning Lololol. We hear this most unusual, but clear BING! like a bell. I thought okay that sounds kind… Continue reading

And it was over….

I will keep names confidention, since i did not ask them if i could use them in my story. A few years back a close freind of mine recieved news that her freind… Continue reading

The house

So we are on this never ending quest to buy a house….its hard. The banks suck! And there are tons of people competing on the same home….ugggg so we have been fortunate to… Continue reading


Im not sure but a part of me thinks that my oldest child may have some clairvoyant abilities. A few days ago long after the children went to bed. I decided to knit.… Continue reading

My dearest Muffin…

Muffin is my old cat, our old family cat. We had him for so long. And he passed away years ago. I saw him today, sitting on the top porch step at my… Continue reading

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