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This story is so beautiful. It’s about one man that brought education and language to his people and changed things forever. Advertisements

Book Drop; Circa 1900

How cool is this, its our original book drop for the city’s library back in 1900! It’s tiny but in amazing condition. I guess back than the town must of been much less… Continue reading

Who were they really?

This book is great, it helps us learn how Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and tons more came about!

Ford’s theater

One of the places we went to was Ford’s theater. The infamous theater that sadly is home to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. The exterior is the same. However inside has been remodeled… Continue reading

57th Presidential Inauguration

We had the most amazing opportunity to attend this once in a life time event. We had the privilege of having Gold tickets to the 57th inauguration of our 44th president. Yes! My… Continue reading

The peacock room

This room was so beautiful. It’s a replica of Wisler’s dining room. He aparently collected vases, so many that the museum changes them daily. Aparently the first picture shows two peacocks. One obviously… Continue reading

The Abbasid dynasty

We have had the most amazing opportunity today. We were able to see a rare glimpse into a nearly over exhibit. My family is the Abbasid dynasty. This was a total treat and… Continue reading


This is a photobiography of Annie Oakley. She has such a great story and the author really tried to stay true to her real true story. It took us a week to get… Continue reading

Only Opal

This is a true story of an orphaned girl named Opal Whitley. It’s her diary while she was 5-6 years old. It was during the Oregon trail years. Which I did not know… Continue reading

Buffalo Bill

This is a great book! Especially since we’ve been so interested in the west and its history. It’s a bit old but is great we loved it!

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