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Meet Ladybug!

I have to apologize for neglecting my leloandtoots readers! But we just got a newest addition to our family and sges just too cute!!!! Here she is!!! I hope you can all forgive… Continue reading

Watch “Flowers For My ‘Mommy’

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh this is so truly adorable. I’m in love!!!

Love is a Valentine away

In celebration of our lovely event we had a very small heart party. Actually we just invited one guest. No party is complete without homemade.mustaches! Well at least in my book! Do you… Continue reading

The Crabs; A love story

Look at what is happening in my home!! Salt n pepper shakers watch out! Holidays are a great time to fall in love!

Natures welcoming way!

Above our bed we have this sky light. And its been so rainy that all we hear is “ping, ping” all night long over our heads. But once we woke up we had… Continue reading

The kissing hand

This is such a sweet story. It’s about a raccoon thats a little afraid to go to school and be away from his mama. So his mother teachs him how he can keep… Continue reading

Mama: a true story

This is such a touching story. There aren’t any words just simple illustrations but simple enough for us story tellers to tell the true story of this hippopotamus baby that was swimming in… Continue reading

The change us Palestinians need

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOxJF4dRHtw I would like to invite you to watch this Youtube video. It doesn’t have anything offensive, nothing byist and no racism. It simply is showing factual data to the world and some of the world wants… Continue reading

Truth, Love, and Freedom

I was checking and deleting emails and i came across this one i saved from Lelo’s teacher’s last year. It was so beautiful i saved it for so long i thought i would… Continue reading

Alfred’s nose

Omg!!! This is the cutest, most adorable book ever!!! It’s a lovely story of a dog that was unhappy with his looks. Despite his mother and freinds telling him otherwise! So after alot… Continue reading

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