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On the phone and direct from the President

Today after the President’s emotional State of the Union address. He hopped on the phone to encourage us at home to stay close with our community and keep pushing forward! I’m so excited… Continue reading

H1 N1 immunization epidemic

Here’s a break from my vacation blogs! However its very sad, its this terrible epidemic thats costing children there youth and health. It’s the H1 N1 immunizations. Please read the link, its eye… Continue reading

I meet President Obama, The First Lady and Bo!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e-6KlRvDkn4   I did and if you dont belive me watch the link!!!!!!!!!! i’m on minute 11 Lelo and I had the amazing oppurtunity to have access to an exclusive White house tour… Continue reading

2013 Presidential Inaugural Ball

After an amazing morning of watching history take place before our eyes. We were off to the ball! Yes, THE BALL Getting ready, making sure our phones are charged for this event! And… Continue reading

57th Presidential Inauguration

We had the most amazing opportunity to attend this once in a life time event. We had the privilege of having Gold tickets to the 57th inauguration of our 44th president. Yes! My… Continue reading

My birthday…

Today was my birthday. I didn’t want much. I wanted to tan today. And put a shelf up. And see Breaking Dawn part 2. We had a babysitter lined up and everything. Lelo… Continue reading

The change us Palestinians need

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOxJF4dRHtw I would like to invite you to watch this Youtube video. It doesn’t have anything offensive, nothing byist and no racism. It simply is showing factual data to the world and some of the world wants… Continue reading

The bully letter

This note was half written by my hand and dictated by Lelo. It makes me sad some kid in his class is tormenting him so much. I’m glad this year is almost over…..that… Continue reading

My global warming/ tsunami dream warning

I dreamt last night, that my family, my cousins family, and my mother where at what looked like the coast. But it seemed like it was at the arctic, and polar bears should… Continue reading

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