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The Sandwich swap

We really enjoyed this story! What originally attracted me to this book was that it was written by Her Majesty the Queen herself, of Jordan. I wanted to read what she had written!… Continue reading

The land of long ago

This story was very enchanting for us! It had a little boy and a girl with a big imagination and a want for adventure. Little did they know a very mischievous troll was… Continue reading

The boy without a name

This book was so magical! It seems to take place in the middle east and the illustrations were beautiful!

Woody, Hazel, and Little Pip

This little story is so beautiful. It takes us to the world of Mr and Mrs Hazelnut, there children and all there freinds. In a very mischievous adventure. Very Waldorf!

The story of the tooth fairy

This book was so sweet! It weaved its tale of how the tooth fairy came about and chose coins for teeth.

Tiger- tiger is it true?

This book was such a help for us. It’s about a tiger who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, no one seems to notice him and his best freind is… Continue reading

Minnow and Rose

This is a beautiful story of the Oregon Trail. Written in the perspective of these 2 young girls. It’s interwoven the Native American and Pioneer views as they first meet. It’s a story… Continue reading

Mailing May

This story is so amazing. It’s a true story of the first person to be mailed!!!! It’s so sweet!!

I always ALWAYS get my way

What a perfect book about our family!! This was given as a suggested read, by a good friend and boy was it a hysterical read! Not only do the characters look like us,… Continue reading


This is the most complete and coolest book on spies I’ve seen!! Take it from me, I’ve been to the International Spy Museum in Washington DC and its just like being there! I… Continue reading

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