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Best part book ever!

It sure is! I couldn’t handle to adorable party ideas this book offered!  Advertisements

That makes me mad!

I originally got this book because my little Toots acts like this, and was hoping to correct this behavior. But after reading it realized that theres another side to the story.  And it… Continue reading

Tiger- tiger is it true?

This book was such a help for us. It’s about a tiger who wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, no one seems to notice him and his best freind is… Continue reading


Well I figured we had one…a lap-snatcher but this book really confirmed it for Lelo! It’s so cute we really enjoyed it even though ours is now 3 years old

We can get along

This book is so good for every situation! I originally got this book because we were having trouble cooperating at school sometimes. And it showed how school would be if we cooperated or… Continue reading

Don’t pop your cork on Monday’s

This is an awesome book on stress for kids. Told in a very 80’s way! It just helps kids see that basically everyone is stressed out and takes it out in a diffrent… Continue reading

Be polite and kind

It seems like with the change of seasons, we have forgotten our manners everywhere we go! And we HAD to put an end to this. This book is a sweet reminder of your… Continue reading


Here’s a fun- non scarey way to answer those questions about Bigfoot, or Sasquatch. I’m not sure how Lelo got this monster beast in his head but he certainly took an interest in… Continue reading

Noises at night

After several sleepless nights I literally needed help! And as luck should have it this book literally found me! It’s a great way to show kids, that those noises at night are really… Continue reading

Freda stops a bully

I love this book! It’s simple, clear, and very helpful!!

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