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Loose parts 2

This book had so many wonderful supportive play for babies and toddlers! I loved these ideas so much! Advertisements

Bug in the vacuum

This book is so beautifully illustrated. It has a vintage feel and fun story line. The neat part is that this book addresses the 5 stages of grief. Something we all can experience… Continue reading

The Tweedles go Online

I’m not sure if the term “online” was first introduced when the telephone gave the ability to be “on a line” but in this story the Tweedles certainly are. This story shows how… Continue reading

The Mermaid and the shoe

This story is so beautiful.  It’s illustrations are so beautifully done.  The message this story gives is about finding your calling and listening to yourself despite what others say.

Koko’s kitten

If you don’t know the true story of Koko’s the gorilla, this book is a must. It’s beautifully written and left us all wishing we had Koko’s touch our lives. This gorilla has… Continue reading

The boy without a name

This book was so magical! It seems to take place in the middle east and the illustrations were beautiful!


This book has such beautiful illustrations! It’s just beautiful, and so is the story. Which is just how majestic seahorses really are. There is a small author note that talks about how they… Continue reading

Rabbit ears: Christmas story

I know its an awful picture but this is a CD audiobook and its narrated by Meryl Streep. I know I never ever put CD audiobook’s on here, but I just discovered them… Continue reading

Alfred’s nose

Omg!!! This is the cutest, most adorable book ever!!! It’s a lovely story of a dog that was unhappy with his looks. Despite his mother and freinds telling him otherwise! So after alot… Continue reading


This story is about the trueness of apology. And how “cool” kids really aren’t that cool. Being that the hurt people, get you in trouble and disrespect authority. Can you sence a theme… Continue reading

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