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Living life with someone with Chronic Pain

I wanted to begin sharing our story with everyone. Hopefully to bring awareness, hope and fight for the ones we love. From the day i meet Jim he has had a bad back.… Continue reading

Meet Ladybug!

I have to apologize for neglecting my leloandtoots readers! But we just got a newest addition to our family and sges just too cute!!!! Here she is!!! I hope you can all forgive… Continue reading

Fossil digging

Today we trekked way out to Fossil, OR. To find fossils! Man I didn’t think we would ever get there We saw this beautiful old church When I stood up on this rock… Continue reading

The Washington monument, Smithsonian, the cold and I

We had set out to see Madame Tusseu but we never actually saw it…we kept getting side tracked! I am breaking my rule and showing you pictures of my Lelo and Toots. They… Continue reading

Merry, happy eve!

Today Marks the end of our beloved advent calendar. Which also means Santa is headed our way! Here’s how the calendar turned out It’s great!! And we had a true Christmas miracle. We… Continue reading

Gingerbread houses, the allergy free way!!

It’s actually funer than it sounds. I was surprised that I had fun when i started too. It seemed like so much work making it from scratch…. Nah!!!!!!!!! Really trust me I have… Continue reading

Mushroom’s (a story)

Lately Lelo has been eating us out of house and home! It has been really hard to feed him CONSTANTLY without getting either a little frustrated, run out of food, or face savage-beast… Continue reading

Floods and fire alarms

We are truly enjoying our new home!! It’s all we ever wanted and need!!! However, we must get to know our humble abod. And let’s just say the last two days have been… Continue reading

The circus!!

Today we took some time away from our hectic unpacking to enjoy our new neighborhood park. It was so cute. It was green! And I found some pretty leaves I just had to… Continue reading

Twas the night before moving….

And all through the house, not a child was stirring and hopefully no mouse… The boxes were stacked by the wall with care With visions of new rooms! And more space danced in… Continue reading

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  • Welcome to my blog! Tune in for never ending family fun, spur of the moment travel, cooking adventures in my allergy free kitchen, and with all the books that come in and out of our home. Its obvious we love to read! With all this going on in our lives I try to mainatain a Waldorf theme to our lives. I have named this blog after my 2 children's most popular nickames at home. Since they are my inspiration for almost everything i do, it seemed fitting to name our blog after them too. I appreciate everyone that visits my page and i enjoy all your comments so much! Thanks for joining us!!! There is rarely a very dull moment!

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