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Make it wild

This book is do cool!! Its a fun craft book with nature!! Advertisements

Good garden! Our giving tree!!

Here is a summery look at our garden! Here we have our tree stump, that we have nicknamed “the giving tree” because we always put seeds on it to feed the birds and… Continue reading

Natures welcoming way!

Above our bed we have this sky light. And its been so rainy that all we hear is “ping, ping” all night long over our heads. But once we woke up we had… Continue reading

Our giving tree!

We have this tree stump that sadly just sits there. So after carefully watching our neighborhood squirrels and birds run around with there busy work. We decided to help! So we have decided… Continue reading

Hero’s of the vegetable patch

Behold! Finally IKEA has made a book about out vegetable freinds!! Lelo has the broccoli, carrot and strawberry stuffed freinds, which go everywhere with him!! And finally we can find out about there… Continue reading

Photo of the day!

Here’s the photo of the day from our beautifully strong oak tree! In our very own backyard! Mwah

Water boy

This is such an enchanting story. It has beautiful illustrations and a darling story. It’s about a boy, who learns that as a human he is mostly water. And slowly, after fearing he… Continue reading

Cacao! Geese Cacao!

Here is a classic story of survival, horror, peace, serenity, nature and me against the elements! Yes indeed, today was quite a variety of mixed emotions and all in a matter of minutes!… Continue reading

When I was very young in the mountains

This is Cynthia Rylants very first book. She’s a very popular Mr. Putter and Tabby author, along with many other great books. This book takes us into her childhood, where she lived in… Continue reading

Make your own bird cakes!

These are so cute! And perfect for you, or for a gift. They are so easy to make and your bird friends will thank you!! You need; 4-5 cups of bird seed 1… Continue reading

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